The CoFoundry Investments



ONAK offers a quick getaway from a stressful lifestyle with a foldable canoe.

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Ticto makes security a social matter with a smart security badge.

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SmartSpoken bridges the gap between people and technology through a natural language processing system.

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Skedify bridges the gap between online and offline interaction and improves conversion rates through a scheduling tool.



Ario is a unique aftermarket attention monitoring system designed for heavy professional vehicles such as trucks and busses.

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Intigriti is a crowdsourced security platform where security researchers and companies meet. As an ethical hacking and bug bounty platform we aim to identify and tackle vulnerabilities in a cost efficient way.

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Through the BlueHealth fund:


LynxCare transforms medical records and patient reported outcomes into insights for patients, doctors and hospitals.


Lets you take charge of your dialysis centers by offering a fully integrated multi-centre platform that powers your dialysis processes.