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Skedify’s mission is to make experts from advising sectors accessible to customers that are expecting a high-quality on-demand online experience. By using Skedify, enterprises not only improve their customer experience by making the scheduling process a breeze but also increase their lead conversion and quality. The software simplifies the lead handover process, increases team productivity and gives access to detailed insights on branch network efficiency. Skedify specializes in working with companies that have a wide branch network in industries like financial advising, legal services, banking, insurance and retail. Currently working with 10 major brands, with thousands of branches across Europe, the Skedify team is currently 10 people strong, led by experienced co-founders Arne and Christophe. Skedify has become a strong, commercial product with a clear vision and a talented engineering team and are now switching their focus towards strengthening the team with additional sales and customer success team members.

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about skedify


  • Arne Bassez
  • Christophe Thelen

Headquarters: Ghent, Belgium



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our involvement

Founder Arne Bassez started working on the Skedify tool after his studies. During his work on his thesis he noticed the need of easing the process for scheduling appointments in order to improve conversion rates. The CoFoundry believes in Skedify’s mission to enhance and replace the current methods.

The CoFoundry offers funding to help Skedify enhance its technology and bring it to a broader market. With the knowledge of entrepreneur in residence Vincent Diercxsens we also help Arne Bassez in the process of sales and generating leads, alongside the marketing support that we offer to establish the Skedify brand.

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