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The fastest way for designers and front-end developers to build website in the cloud, working alone - with freelancers or in team. 


SiteManager boosts efficiencies in the professional web design market. The cloud platform offers professionals, studios and small agencies an all-in-one  timesaving toolstack and an in-app freelance market.
In SiteManager Studio, 4 time-saving applications (visual cms, design editor, developer kit, projects) work seamlessly together, yet preserving the preferred user experience for project managers, designers, developers or content creators.
The in-app freelance service empowers users to add capacity to web design projects in a click, when deadlines are tight or technical knowledge isn’t available in team. With SiteManager web professionals connect and collaborate in smart technology, they save valuable project time that could be invested in scaling their web design business. 

Our Involvement


Having met the team late 2017 it was immediately clear to us that SiteManager is working on a high potential product. In the highly competitive market of website building tools, everybody seems to forget the service providers: communication agencies or freelance web builders. They are the key to an immense market of small and medium size businesses building digital channels. High end technology, stellar user friendliness and a solid go-to-market plan convinced us to partner up with SiteManager.

The CoFoundry brings together with the investment an experienced team around the table to support SiteManager in conquering the European market. With a number of agencies and freelancers in our network we can help spread the word in the market. Furthermore there is 50 years of combined webbuilding experience on board to chime in where needed on the strategic and occasional tactical side.


  • Alexander Hoogewijs: founder & CEO
  • Dieter Crombez: founder & CTO

Headquarters: Ghent, Belgium

Website: www.sitemanager.io


In The Media

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