TURN YOUR product INTO a sustainable company

With a passion for innovation we help entrepreneurs transform their ideas into sustainable companies by funding them in a seed stage and by coaching them in the growth process. We aim for the long run rather than a fast monetary return. Some say we cut through the funding hype and work hard to give your business a sustainable future.

In order to do that, we have an authentic, people-focused approach. We keep our eye on the business and offer tailor made support for your business. The CoFoundry operates from the center of a rich ecosystem out of which the right knowledge and skills are made available for entrepreneurs.

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tailor made

We go for a tailor made approach through our 'entrepreneurs in residence'. They offer experience and skills in crafting your business and advise you on a personal level, without taking matters into their own hands. Your company is yours to manage.

Focus on the business

Rather then wasting time on pitching, we make sure you can focus on developing a sustainable business. We offer the necessary funds and connect you with the right partners that can boost your company. This approach ensures you have enough time to focus on the important things.



Thanks to our work with varying businesses and close ties to the Cronos Group, we can count on a rich ecosystem of over 300 entrepreneurs. We work with helpful partners who benefit from helping you, as well as you gain from working with them. It's a win-win situation!

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Through the Bluehealth Fund:


Get to know the Startup Village

In the heart of Antwerp, you'll find the Startup Village. Together with the infamous Boerentoren it's essentially the epicenter of the startup and scaleup scene in Flanders. It's a place where entrepreneurship flows freely and inspiration lurks around every corner. It would be a shame to let a location like this sit there quietly, so we strive to make this a lively hotspot for inspirational talks and entrepreneurial events.


As an additional service to our network, we offer a stylish working space in our office at The Startup Village in Antwerp. Get in touch to find out more!

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