A Modern JukeBox For Kids



The idea to create Jooki came from Theo's youngest daughter. At the age of 3, she asked him to play a song on his smartphone, and kept coming back to hear the same song. Today's music is digital and kids lost the ability to independently explore music. To solve this gap, MuuseLabs was created in 2015. Jooki got funding via a Kickstarter campaign in August 2016. At the end of 2016 two Brussel-based funds (ST'ART and Brustart) joined as investors. The CoFoundry provided additional funds in August 2017 to prepare the company for its commercial launch in stores in December 2017.



It’s difficult not to fall in love with JOOKI, technologie and creativity combined to raise our children with less screens and more music and stories. We had our eye already on this smart music player for kids since they were on Kickstarter and after meeting the team it was clear that if anyone could pull this of, it would be them.


Bringing innovative consumers products to a worldwide market is a daunting task. This is where our funding comes into play, and where we help in putting the right channels in place to conquer the hearts of kids and parents worldwide. And with ‘Voice First’ as the new mantra in service design we are happy to hook up the team at JOOKI with the interface experts in our network.


  • Theo Marescaux

  • Pieter Palmers

  • Will Moffat

Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium




In The Media

Jooki, le Jukebox des kids !

Hello tout le monde ! Comment ça va aujourd'hui ? Bien j'espère ! Voila des semaines que je m'impatiente de vous présenter ma dernière trouvaille : Le (j'ai un peu l'impression de faire animatrice de télé-shopping avec cette intro non ?).

Muuselab keeps kids off smartphones by creating the Jooki jukebox

Kickstarter-funded speaker company Jooki has been showing off its music box for kids at the 2018 CES conference, impressing audiences with its interesting way of allowing children to pick their favorite tunes. The bright and bulbous blue-and-orange jukebox is the shape of a small pillow and is controlled via a series of plastic figurines.

Belgische muziekspeler neemt het op tegen de smartphone: Kijk mama, zonder schermpje!

De Brusselse startup MuuseLabs ontwikkelde met hulp van een Kickstartercampagne een slimme jukebox voor de allerkleinsten: de Jooki.

This Wi-Fi speaker uses Amiibo-like figures to play music

I don't think of kids when I think of RFID tags, but congrats to MuuseLabs for making the connection for me. Jooki is a Wi-Fi speaker for kids. It ships with five figurines, each of which has an RFID tag embedded inside.

Jooki: Why we adore this 21st century jukebox for kids | CES 2018 | Cool Mom Tech

Wow was I excited to discover Jooki at CES 2018. I mean, I saw a whole lot of new tech for kids, but not a whole lot beyond STEM and coding toys that really made me go wow. So I'll be sharing a few top favorites for kids over the coming days, but I have to start here.