Ticto makes security visible



Ticto makes security a matter for everyone on the premises with a smart, digital security badge. The badge randomly changes its visual image and colour after a set amount of time. Every unit that doesn’t fit the visual components of the majority of badges in a certain location, belongs to an unauthorized visitor.

Ticto founder Johan Vinckier created the product in order to make security a shared responsibility. At the moment he works alongside Maarten Van Speybroeck, Bart Vansevenant and Maarten Vandenbroucke, determined to grow the company and to add an extra value to the existing security systems. Over the last few years, Ticto perfected its innovative product prepared for a number pilot projects last year. The identification system is now used and tested by local Belgian companies and prestigious international companies and institutions.

Applying an innovative idea to a market that is destined to grow strongly in the coming years and even decades, Ticto is a true next generation company


Ticto is determined to push its product further in the market and become a cornerstone of many security systems. The CoFoundry has contributed to the funding allowing them to further explore the market and launch several pilot projects across the globe.

Through our network we have already introduced Ticto to a number of relevant leads leading to conversion with those early customers that are crucial to the succes of scale-ups in this stage.



  • Johan Vinckier - Founder & Chairman BoD
  • Maarten Van Speybroeck - CEO
  • Bart Vansevenant - CMO
  • Maarten Vandenbroucke - CFO


Zellik, Belgium




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