SmartSpoken bridges the gap between people and technology through natural language processing.


SmartSpoken has developed language technology that is making life easier for people planning to buy online. The engine understands natural language queries entered by customers and translates them to computer language to allow systems to give relevant answers.

Based on research by Dr. Jan De Belder, who co-founded the company, the SmartSpoken technology takes a leap forward in natural language processing for commercial application. It puts the search power that until now was reserved for the likes of Google and Microsoft in the hands of any ambitious e-commerce player. It allows to spectacularly improve the customer experience and increases e-commerce conversion.

SmartSpoken is turning fundamental research into patented and commercially relevant solutions that will power the next generation of online businesses.


It was Jan's research at the Leuven University that triggered the idea with his co-founder Dirk use this technology to bring let computers communicate more naturally with human beings. They came up with a number of applications and developed the fundamentals.

The CoFoundry came on board the SmartSpoken ship bringing the necessary funds to further develop the technology into actual products. We also hooked up the team with a network of companies and clients involved in e-commerce. This brought more technical expertise to the table and allowed the team to work with actual clients to finetune the products and start selling.



  • Dirk Stevens - co-founder
  • Jan De Belder - co-founder


Leuven, Belgium