ONAK offers a quick getaway from a stressful lifestyle with a foldable canoe. 

as featured in Time magazine

as featured in Time magazine


ONAK’s case on wheels unfolds to a very capable canoe in less than 10 minutes. Thanks to important material innovations, it is suited for urban adventures as well as the most sublime and wild outdoors.

The ONAK team successfully launched their foldable canoe with a Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2016 with over 200 canoes sold in one month and generating € 235 230 in pre-sales. The launch was picked up massively in the local and international press (including TIME Magazine) and Facebook video's reaching over 10 million viewers worldwide.

ONAK is a true next generation company building products that address the needs of a growing population living in cities and craving for that quick getaway from the daily stress. They use cutting edge design and patented materials to deliver this promise and develop disruptive go-to-market strategies focusing on digital and working with ambassadors to reach a worldwide audience. 


After working on their dream for years, Otto and Thomas were ready to hit the market with their unique product. Crowdfunding this project seemed like the next logical step for a global launch. Introducing a relatively high priced product (in crowdfunding terms) on such a scale requires a professional marketing campaign and they would need prototype products for demonstration purposes.

The CoFoundry took on the challenge to be the first investor in ONAK in order to fund the prototype development and Kickstarter Campaign.

Adding Bert Van Wassenhove as a seasoned marketing professional to the team as 'Entrepreneur in Residence' provided a pivotal element in running a marketing campaign that resulted in what was probably the most successful Kickstarter campaign to date in Belgium.



  • Otto Van De Steene
  • Thomas Weyn


 Ghent, Belgium