In the heart of Antwerp, you'll find the Startup Village. Together with the infamous Boerentoren it's essentially the epicenter of the rising startup scene in the Flemish city. It's a place where entrepreneurship flows freely and inspiration lurks around every corner. It would be a shame to let a location like this sit there quietly, so we strive to make this a lively hotspot for inspirational talks and entrepreneurial events.

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You can find our office at the Startup Village on the first floor of the rear building. There we offer a home to scale-ups and startups. As the incubator in the building, we take it as our duty to make this place full of life and entrepreneurship. Thanks to De Cronos Group we make use of this beautiful, monumental location near the Botanic Gardens of city.

Interested in office space at the Startup Village? Or in for a coffee with us? Get in touch and we'll be pleased to have a talk!

Startup Village

Lange Gasthuisstraat 29
2000 Antwerp


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