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Sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation can go hand in hand

Advanced technology, working more efficiently, new communication channels and global logistics networks.... All these benefits of our modern age contribute to the growth of our economy and the global economy. At the same time, these factors also give rise to waste on many levels. While economic resources are becoming cheaper, it almost seems as if the discipline for using these resources has gone out of the window as a result. And yet we all know that this discipline will have to be durably restored in the long term if we want to build a sustainable future. 

Entrepreneurs are always searching for places where these resources can be better used. And yet this philosophy is only partly implemented in Silicon Valley. Because they use the available resources, including financial resources and human capital, very inefficiently. They shoot randomly in hopes of hitting a unicorn. This process, which is also sometimes called the “funding hype”, means huge amounts of cash go up in smoke and the potential of numerous aspiring entrepreneurs is nipped in the bud. 

That is why we believe in investing with a long-term vision. In wasting as little human and financial capital as possible. This is also how The CoFoundry approaches investments in innovation and entrepreneurship, through the seed fund and together with our ecosystem.


Bert Van Wassenhove

Managing Partner, The CoFoundry