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Our e-book "Reward Based Crowdfunding: Een Handleiding" is now available

Five years ago the first Pebble Watch made the news because it raised millions of dollars through Kickstarter. Reward-based crowdfunding was a new and incredibly hot item, baffling hundreds of old-school investors with the insane amounts of money John Doe was prepared to give to the mere concept of a product. Now, roughly five years later, crowdfunding seems to be everywhere. Unfortunately this makes it harder for young companies to stand out with their individual projects.

Our book, Reward Based Crowdfunding: Een Handleiding, bundles our experience in supporting the successful ONAK Kickstarter-campaign with the knowledge of multiple other successfully funded Belgian companies. We help you determine if reward-based crowdfunding is right for your project and guide you through the entire campaign, from preparation to follow-up. It is both a manual and a checklist to achieve the best crowdfunding campaign for product.

These are the slides of the presentation at the book launch: