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Innovative and intelligent advertising solutions.


For many companies, selecting the right ad space for their products is an integrated component of the marketing mix—but finding the right fit is a challenge. Display.direct helps by evaluating each web page to find perfect product matches for your content. Here’s how: by using behavioral data, we optimize ad space revenue with our state-of-the-art self-learning algorithm! Displaying compatible products benefits advertisers, publishers and website visitors. The user experience is less intrusive and more relevant, resulting in increased sales and better ad space revenue.



When we first met Matthias, Sander and Thomas, it took some time to understand the business case for Display.Direct. Advertising and media have changed drastically since we entered the new millennium en that is exactly the field in which this team is specialised. The idea of bringing high tech to one of the largest markets in the world (advertising) is what caught  our attention. A keen intrest in the subject of digital marketing and our vast network of technology companies made us decide to invest.


It is with this mix of business- and tech know-how that we want to play a strategic role in bringing Display.Direct to the market. And of course by leveraging our network in the media sector. Our investment is essential to give the team the room to industrialize their solution and build relationships with publishers.


  • Matthias Laqueur
  • Sander Manneke
  • Thomas Struijk

Headquarters: Antwerp, Belgium

Website: http://traffic.direct