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How to build your Fintech in 6 weeks

  • The CoFoundry 29 Lange Gasthuisstraat Antwerpen, Vlaanderen, 2000 Belgium (map)

Are you an entrepreneur who has a great idea in financial services? Or you a passionate financial services professional who wants to make your company innovate like never before?

Then this evening might be something for you...

We will show you how to make a product that your customers will love. Also, this training will help you understand how to do this in weeks rather than months. We have used this set of methods to build many products, each in a couple of weeks. For example, in 2 weeks time, we build a peer-2-peer payment platform called Yuomi. In this period, we interviewed consumers, prototyped it, launched it in a limited Facebook campaign and showed as a demo at the European Central Bank.

What to expect?

• Learn how to find and confirm what your client want. 
• Learn how to prototype and confirm a solution to these needs. 
• Learn how to build your solution without great detailed technical expertise. 
• Learn how to scale and integrate the solution.

We will walk you through the whole process and provide you with clear examples of how to apply it.

See you then.

The 0smosis team


0smosis aims to make Belgium, Europe and even the universe, the best place for customers to do their financial transactions. Financial services which are more transparent, simple and delivering intensified customer value. This can range from changing the way you pay for a sandwich to developing a decentralized platform for authorizing mortgage collaterals that accelerates the mortgage loan process.

There are plenty of amazing ideas. Innovation, however, is amplified by a mix of scarce resources, outsider perspectives and a guerrilla styled way of doing things. 0smosis broadcasts such an environment, so ideas can grow to solutions that have a meaningfull impact.

We are not the next accelerator nor incubator of any sorts. Consider us as those guys that have the correct soldiers and craftsmen to build the fitted Trojan horse for your siege. For this, we will combine our expertise in the financial services and tech landscape market together with guerrilla go-2-market strategies. We are not big, we are cunning. We might think strategically, but love to make our hands dirty even more. No buzz words, but blitzkrieg action.

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