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Growth Hacking Meetup Antwerp

Have you also been caught by the growth hacking virus? Join the next Growth Hacking Meetup in Antwerp. No cure will be given, but we promise to share lots of great insights on growth hacking - a topic that keeps on expanding. So be prepared to be blown away!

During this meetup, three speakers will take the stage to give their take on growth hacking and how it has become an instrumental part of their business. The speakers include: 
  •   Yannick Khayati (from Trigger) 
  •   Patrick Leysen (from Parcify) 
  •   Thomas Van Orshaegen (from Beatswitch)

Throughout the session there will be plenty of time for you to also share your insights on growth hacking, and as a bonus you don't have to worry about starving during the meetup, as refreshments (in terms of food and drinks) will be available to everyone. Thanks to the CoFoundry for sponsoring this! 

Lastly, and very important to mention is that, the seats are limited to 40 this time, so make sure to claim your spot.

Looking forward to seeing you on November 22!