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Start Your Startup - Trying To Inspire The Next Generation

Yesterday, we invited 9 students of EMS' Start Your Startup course to pitch their business idea in front of a jury, after 2 months of training by Bert Van Wassenhove and THINK with people. 

We saw a few common themes throughout the pitches like Belgian pride and sustainability and although a lot of their ideas are retail based, there was a real effort to go further than a traditional brick and mortar concept. We can proudly say they all grasped the concept of storytelling.

"What struck me most is that all worked very hard on sustainability, authenticity and/or the local aspect. High technology solutions were not on the agenda of most but the human side of entrepreneurship was always very important. That and their willingness to question everything or to reflect on every step. The new young entrepreneur wants to create a good situation for themselves but also for their customer and their supplier. " says Els De Deken from THINK with people, who coached the students throughout the course.

Spoiler alert: they all passed! 

Without going into too much detail about their ideas - some of them are really planning to start their businesses - here's a short summary of the projects:

Simons - A taste of Belgium: Genever by Mégane  

Pakket - A healthy and locally sourced salade & toast bar by Eline 

Puralice - A sustainable, Belgian and package free shampoo brand by Alice 

Men's place - A gift shop for men by men by Sander & Tim

Kaaza - Belgian cheeses and beer by Anna & Saar

VR Tourist - Get a better feel of your vacation destination through VR by Laura

Imasme Consulting - A consulting company for companies in transportation & logistics by Céline 

If you are thinking about starting a startup or have done so and would like some guidance you can always contact THINK with people.