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Tips for fundraising by WinWinner

WinWinner is a matchmaking platform that brings together entrepreneurs and investors and guides them on how to use the winwin loan and tax shelter for starting companies.

When and which type of funding?

You really need to give a lot of thought to when to apply which measure. If you just started out, you may not want to give away shares and may not have the necessary repayment capacity. In that case, the winwin loan may be an interesting option. If you don’t mind giving away new shares in exchange for a substantial investment, the tax shelter for start-ups is a better option. Choose crowdfunding if you have a solid product and you are interested in “pre-selling” it.  

Start by searching for paying customers before going in search of investments.

What matters to investors?

  • Team: a complementary team with the right customers is a decisive factor.

  • Concept: a clear concept (service or product) and a solid go-to-market strategy.

  • Financial plan: Be honest and realistic.

  • Know your market: Organise market surveys: canvas your target audience and identify potential opportunities or challenges.

What is my start-up worth?  

An investment in exchange for shares means a valuation of your company will have to be made.  But company valuation is not an exact science.  The outcome of a valuation depends on the method used and the underlying assumptions.

Put together your ideal funding mix!

You should thoroughly prepare your search for funding. Don’t just focus on one single channel, but try to use several financial resources. Use the funds you raised with the win-win loan or tax shelter for start-ups as leverage to raise other funding through banks, ParticipatieMaatschappij Vlaanderen (PMV) or subsidies and so on.

WinWinner - for entrepreneurs and investors

To date, just under 500 start-ups have registered on the platform of The CoFoundry’s partner WinWinner. They are all looking for funding to start up or grow their business. The government has developed various interesting tax-friendly options, allowing private investors to invest in newly-established companies or start-ups. WinWinner advises and assists these companies about access to this funding.

Want to know more? www.winwinner.be