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5 tips for success in the U.S.A. by Fifteen24

Are you planning a business trip to the United States? Do you want to launch your product or service in the US? Here are some useful tips.

  1. Time is money. Meeting with people in the US? Be on time, be confident and don't beat around the bush. Put together a razor-sharp and convincing elevator pitch that presents your company or concept in no more than 2 minutes. And leave the typical Belgian modesty at home. The softer, commercial approach just doesn't work in the U.S.
  2. Have realistic expectations. Are you inundated with compliments after your presentation? Think you closed the deal? Then think again, because in many cases, the enthusiasm cools very rapidly after the meeting. Always be realistic and follow up on your prospect.
  3. Do you speak American? Tailor your marketing and communication approach to the customs, the expectations and the language of American consumers. This means “Americanising” your copy and visual elements. Because Belgium is not America.
  4. Personalise your marketing In the United States, a highly-personalised experience is the standard. Consumers expects custom content, recommendations and an offering that is based on personal data.
  5. Surround yourself with specialists. Taking your business across the ocean also involves a lot of admin and plenty of preparation. Always surround yourself with specialists who can help you establish a local corporation, obtain a work visa, can assist you with your accounting, marketing and communication.

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