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Tech Trends Shaping The Future

The decline of Detroit and the emergence of Silicon Valley were the catalysts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, inducing a shift from an economy founded on agriculture to petroleum-fuelled cars and a world that is powered by information and communication.  

ICT has the potential to strongly increase the share of the service industry in the economy, evolving away from material possessions. This is gradually becoming apparent in these Industry 4.0 trends: 

  • Autonomous cars  

  • 3D printing for various sectors 

  • Robots in our living room 

  • Smart materials incorporated in the latest products 

  • Blockchain vs. a central authority  

  • Shift from personal possessions to a sharing economy 

  • A genetic revolution and the elimination of incurable diseases 

  • The Internet of Things will contribute to more self-development and a healthier lifestyle 

  • Artificial intelligence and chatbots as personal assistants 

          AI and IoT will make cities smarter and make people’s lives easier

Looking ahead, we see a shift from a consumer economy to a sharing economy, towards more sustainability and greater self-development.  A future in which people support software, in which co-creation becomes a core value and the emphasis will be on services rather than products.  


Wim Bijnens

Managing Partner The CoFoundry