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From Instagram Stories to France - always reach your audience

It’s summer time and reaching the people you want to reach might be harder than ever these days. A lot of people are on vacation, so they might not see that clever marketing campaign you’ve set up in one of your local towns. Not to mention the ineffectiveness of cold calls this time of the year. To put it in other words: it’s time to be creative about reaching your target audience.

Know your audience

The single most important thing you’ll need to do before you try to reach out to your potential customers, is know who that customer is exactly. You probably already did some excercises concerning your target audience, but if you haven’t yet, do this first. You’ll have to know where they hang out, how old they are, what they like and what goes on in their lives. This is vital for the targeting of your campaigns.

If you don’t know how to do this, there are quite some techniques to guide you through this process. And there’s also the aid from instances like THINK With People that’ll help you narrow down your focus towards certain people.

Follow that audience

The only way to stay in the mind of a potential customer is to be where he or she is. Out of sight, means out of mind. The first thing you’ll have to do is go online and ensure that your company is on the right social media. Is your product targeted at teenagers? Make sure you are findable on Snapchat , Instagram (Stories) and sure as hell look into stuff like Musical.ly! Are you targeting financial managers? Maybe check out usual suspects like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. There always are online media that attract your potential customer. If you don’t know which channels are relevant for your brand, try asking some potential customers about their online habits first.

Content is king

It all comes down to this. Content is the single most important thing you’ll make next to your actual product. You can use video, text and audio to show off your product, convince people of your company philosophy and generally stay in the eyesight of your audience. It’s vacation time so some lighter content is very welcome. Why not go on a trip to your potential customer’s favourite vacation destination -let’s say France- and make a fun video about your product there? Or record an interesting podcast for your customer to listen to on the road.

The only real message is to stay relevant. No matter how "fun" the content you put out is, it should concern your product or service and it should convince people that you know what you’re doing. Ultimately you want to lead these potential customers to your website in order to make them at least consider purchasing your product or customer.

Always useful

And now for the good part: even though stuff like this can be done more easily during these slower summer months, they always work. Just build up a following on the relevant channels for your company and try to stay within eyesight of your audience. It’ll help you find more customers in the end and will create a connection with your clientele.

Now get to it and start creating! If you have no clue where to start, get in touch and we'll see if we might be able to help!