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Ticto Interview - Startup Summer

A pass that lets you see in the blink of an eye of someone is authorized to be in a certain location. That's what Ticto's Ticto Pass is all about. The pass is an electronic ID card that changes it's shown image and color randomly on a regular basis, which makes it near impossible to copy the card for unwelcome visitors.

'Ticto solves a specific security problem with which most companies have been struggling for a long time. Instead of being able to photocopy an ID or pass that might grant the illusion that someone is welcome in a certain area, Ticto makes it possible to preform a new way of live, social verification. Whoever has the wrong pass composition, simply isn't allowed to be where he is', explains CEO Maarten Vandenbroucke when we sit down with him to talk about his latest venture.

The pass seems quite popular with some big companies already. Momentarily, Nike is experimenting with the system on its Portland site, while Dropbox is piloting the Ticto Pass in San Francisco. Also, the largest chocolate factory in the world, Callebaut, is using the innovative security system.

Even though the Ticto Pass is being tested in some renown companies, the startup itself is still quite young. 'We aim for bigger companies because they feel the need for our system the most. We haven't a really disruptive product, but more of an addition to the known systems. That's why the pass doesn't feel like a really hard sell.'

Ticto isn't Maarten's first startup. He began as an entrepreneur in 2008 when he founded the mapping startup Gatewing and went on to creating the Belgian real estate portal Realo a few years later. He likes to pitch in some advice for starting entrepreneurs during our talk. 'Believe in yourself. It's good to be at least a bit naive about how your product will be recieved. Don't be overconfident either, though, because you'll have to be able to listen to feedback and be willing to adjust the focus of your product. Find the right balance and you're set to go.'