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Why you should use Snapchat for your business

Even though ‘all the cool kids are doing it’ never proved to be the best motivation for blindly diving in to anything, that is the exact reason why you should consider using Snapchat for your business. At first the social medium seems too hard to understand for anyone over twenty, but once they get the hang of it, the majority of our society gets hooked by it. With about a 100 million daily users, there's a big potential audience to address. Let's find out why you should at least give Snapping a go.

Addictive to everyone

If you are uninitiated in Snapchat, you are one of the few. The application that allows you to share short clips and pictures of your life –preferably with the right filter spread over it- seems too simple to be taken seriously. Still all the teenagers are using it. And if there is one trend that seems a constant in digital marketing, it’s that the stuff youngsters use today, become the most relevant things of tomorrow.

Vloggers and bloggers all over the world already understood the power of the medium and extend their stories through the spontaneous photos and videos. They only last for a few seconds and –if posted through the story feature- will be gone for good after 24 hours.

Make your company human

Because of its spontaneous nature, Snapchat is not the right platform for slick, thought through content. The charm lies in crafting your personal day-by-day story with the same tools that every other user has at hand.

And that is a good thing. Your stories make your company not just a name and some fancy well-designed marketing tools. Your business becomes humane and generally likable.

Show your relevance

Even though Snapchat content is of a spontaneous nature, it still has to be good. Don’t just start Snapping your cat to your audience for no good reason. Snapchat offers your followers the opportunity to look behind the curtain and peek at your company’s daily life.

Working on a groundbreaking new feature for your software? Talk about it on Snapchat! Pulling an all-nighter? Snap some updates on a regular basis! Attending a big conference with your product? Share it with the world. And what if someone important in your sector endorses your creation? Time to capture that endorsement on Snapchat.

In the end you have to show your followers the work and passion that drives your company. As an entrepreneur it is not shameful to take pride in what you do. Through Snapchat you can share that pride with the world.

Exclusivity is key

We live in a world where exclusivity is a near holy concept. People are willing to pay a lot of money to own stuff that is ‘exclusive’. Snapchat offers followers an exclusive look behind the scenes of your company.

The advantage of that exclusive look is that you can offer exclusive deals. I know, that’s a lot of exclusiveness for one small chunk of a blogpost, but think about it: if people can win a (limited edition) version of your product, they will want to watch your Snaps. In that way, people will be following your every move in the hope of getting something valuable in return.

Let Snapchat become a part of you

Since a recent update Snapchat doesn’t just offer you a chance at being a part of the medium. It lets Snapchat become a part of you. Through a new feature called geofilter, you can provide users with a custom made filter that glorifies your company on certain locations.

In that way, everyone who comes into your office can send a Snap with your logo on it or every attendee of a conference that you also attend can use your filter. Geofilters are a great way to stimulate awareness and let people find out about you organically.

Another step towards your customers

If all of the above doesn’t convince you, think about it this way: 100 million active daily users. You can dismiss the power of Snapchat all you want, but ultimately it’s the reach of the platform that speaks for itself. 100 million is only a third of the amount of monthly Twitter users. Given that Snapchat isn’t even five years old, that’s quite an impressive display.

Just like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat is another big step towards reaching your customers. The only difference is that Snapchat isn’t permanent and a lot more visual, which makes it a lot easier to consume than other social media.

In the end, Snapchat is just another social medium that you should give a shot. If it doesn’t work out, nothing is lost. If it does, all the better for you.