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Week of the Entrepreneur: Our founders

In the light of the Belgian Week of the Entrepreneur, we’d love to give our own founders some time to shine. Every day we’ll reveal the new highlighted business of the day from our investment portfolio. Keep your eyes on this page to find out more about the entrepreneurs that have won our hearts.


Thomas Dietvorst & Jelle Van Winckel - Ario

Thomas Dietvorst studied product development and dove right into the corporate world for two years after graduation. Jelle Van Winckel started off as a student in Trade Engineering, but stopped his studies to join his father’s company and build the ARIO-system. They both joined their forces to ensure safety for bus drivers and their passengers. First as a hobby project, now as a fleshed out company.

ARIO makes sure that bus drivers will be less likely to fall asleep on the road. While driving, you have to constantly make micro adjustments to the steering wheel. The ARIO-system monitors those movements and alerts the driver when those micro adjustments would suddenly stop. In that way, the system prevents drivers from falling asleep, while monitoring the driving style of the chauffeur. Currently; the system is in use by a few companies like Staf Cars and the entrepreneurs are about to kick off a project at Van Hool.

Because the ARIO-system is nearing completion, the entrepreneurs are kicking off their sales. You can help them out by finding leads and offer them sales opportunities.

Stijn Jans - intigriti

Stijn Jans is passionate about online security and shows that in both his companies. Four years ago he founded The Security Factory, which main focus is penetration testing on software and infrastructure for various clients. Through his years of short, intensive pen testing projects, he discovered a market for his new entrepreneurial endeavor: intigriti.

While The Security Factory ensures companies to test their security measures on agreed times, intigriti focuses on reports coming from anyone at any time. It’s a crowd security platform for hackers to legally detect vulnerabilities in company’s applications and systems. Through a system called bug bounty testing, the hackers in the intigriti community get paid per vulnerability they find in someone’s virtual defenses. It simulates the real threat of hackers, constantly looming over big companies, trying to break in. While The Security Factory checks security on regular times, intigriti makes the company available at any time and for anyone to respond to detected vulnerabilities.

Currently, intigriti is expanding its user base with hackers. If you know someone who’d like to earn some extra money through bug bounty, you can get in touch with Stijn.

Maarten Vandenbroucke - Ticto

Maarten Vandenbroucke probably is one of more experienced entrepreneurs in our portfolio. While he focuses on Ticto now, he was also involved with other companies like Gatewing (now Trimble) and Realo. Maarten is good at the executive part of entrepreneurship and helps his companies grow and find its market.

Ticto is the company behind a smart security badge. The badge makes security a responsibility for everyone through visual identification. It contains certain randomized figures and colours. Depending on the configuration of those elements at certain times, you can visually see if someone belongs in a certain location or not. For the moment, Ticto is focussing on some international pilot projects with big brands like Nike and Callebaut.

Ticto is currently looking for a variety of developers. If you know someone that fits one of these profiles, you’re always welcome to introduce them to the company.

Otto Van De Steene & Thomas Weyn - ONAK

Product Designer Otto Van De Steene is a passionate outdoorsman with a history as a salesman in a Belgian outdooring storefront. Thomas Weyn is a generally smart guy who used to work in IT as a developer. They both share one major passion ever since they were hard working students in Ghent: canoeing.

The idea for ONAK sprung from the lack of canoe storage space in Otto and Thomas’ hometown, Ghent. In order to continue their beloved hobby, they toyed with the idea of a compact, foldable boat that you could take everywhere, with whatever means of transportation you prefer. Urban-based hobbyists can enjoy a quick escape of reality thanks to the strong and elegant ‘origami’ canoe, built from a powerful, multifunctional substance. With ONAK you can escape from rush hour on the water. Thanks to a recent success on Kickstarter, ONAK is able to produce its first version of the boat and ship it worldwide. You can still buy your own ONAK and become an ambassador through the company’s own unique sales system.

You can always help ONAK out by investing in their innovative product.

Arne Bassez - Skedify

Arne Bassez is a passionate young entrepreneur from Ghent. He has a master's degree in Science and Business Engineering. He's the founder of Ghent-based scale-up Skedify.

Skedify finally breaks down the wall between website visitors and personal contact with your company, more commonly known as the contact form. Born from the studies of founder Arne Bassez, this Ghent-based company developed a scheduling tool that lets people schedule their own appointment in the calendar of the relevant person of contact. His research showed that only a marginally small number takes the time to fill out a full contact form on a website. With the Skedify tool, generating and leads and closing leads becomes more easy, while making your company more accessible. Momentarily Skedify is focussing on first projects with Argenta and AXA.

Skedify is currently hiring. You can help them out by providing one of the IT-profiles as listed on their website.

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