NephroFlow optimizes the medical process surrounding dialyses

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NephroFlow optimizes the medical process and follow-up surrounding dialysis. Through a mobile application and desktop dashboard the company supports medical staff in the daily routine through the dialysis rooms.

The application strives to reduce the error margin during the treatment. Meanwhile it improves communication between medical staff, offers a detailed and faster workflow for every stage of the treatment and measures quality of the process.

The NephroFlow software was developed in close collaboration with nephrologists and dialysis personnel. The company’s first project was in the dialysis department at AZ Sint-Lucas in Ghent, that was closely involved with the creation of the tool.

about Nephroflow


  • Wouter Willaert
  • Arne Wauters
  • Simon Dusauchoit

Headquarters: Bruges, Belgium

Website: www.nephroflow.com


our involvement

Through the BlueHealth initiative, The CoFoundry provides funding for further development and optimization of the NephroFlow tool. We offer a network of relevant entrepreneurs and businesses to the scale-up to support the company in all its needs.

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