by Happs Development


Karaton is a computer game that helps dyslexic children improve their spelling


Happs Development is a young educational start-up founded by Hannes Hauwaert, who also suffers from dyslexia. The company started as a school project, but now has 4 people on board: Hannes himself, his brother Thomas Hauwaert (also dyslexic), nephew Gilles Goessens and game developer Van Nith Olyslager. The company was funded by imec.iStart and BlueHealth Innovation Fund. Additonal funds were raised via a crowdfunding campaign backed by the famous Flemish singer Koen Wauters (Clouseau).



  • Hannes Hauwaert
  • Thomas Hauwaert
  • Gilles Goessensl

Headquarters: Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium



In The Media

Help Koen Wauters in crowdfunding Karaton, a serious game for children with dyslexia

In Flanders 3 to 5% of children suffer from dyslexia. On top of that an additional 10% are described as weak readers. This amounts to approximately 62,000 children! Most of us don't realise this, but almost everything in our world is related to reading. Problems with reading can cause frustration in children and may be...

Karaton-game helpt kinderen met dyslexie

Sint-Pieters-Leeuw - Happs, een innovatief bedrijfje van de broers Hauwaert uit Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, heeft een innoverend computerspel ontwikkeld voor kinderen met dyslexie. Om het Karaton-spel op de markt te brengen, is Happs een crowdfunding gestart. Het bedrijfje Happs is het geesteskind van Hannes Hauwaert uit Sint-PIeters-Leeuw.